Updated on 7/1/2020


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Color of Change

Largest racial justice organization in America| Launches more strategic initiatives | Challenges corporations | Challenges politicians

Campaign Zero

Black Lives Matter


Black Visions Collective

Black, trans, and queer-helmed organization | Focuses not only on recognizing that Black Lives Matter but also provides the tools and community to allow | Black individuals to thrive | Delivering supplies and support on the ground

Reclaim the Block

Advocacy group in Minneapolis with a goal of diverting city funds from the Minneapolis Police Department and into non-police programs that serve communities in need

Los Angeles:

People's City Council Ticket Fund

Legal support/bail for arrested protestors |Medical bills and transportation for injured protestors | Medical supplies and PPE for community medics | Supplies and support for protestors/organizers

ACCE Action

Grassroots, member led, statewide community organization, dedicated to raising the voice of everyday Californians |Registers Voters |Empowers Californians to advocate and vote for economic, racial, and social injustice | Supplies and support for protestors/organizers

Black Lives Matter - LA

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