Our Responsibility


As an apparel company, we recognize that the fashion industry and the need for better sustainability don’t always align. While the fashion industry as a whole has a long way to go, we have made it our main priority to promote less waste and more intentional design. Through the small changes we’ve made in our small company, we hope to make a collective impact.

Ethical/Sustainable Efforts and Production


When we launched Sage the Label, we knew we wanted to bring the majority of our production in house to strive towards a more thoughtful manufacturing process. While we’re not there yet, we are proud to introduce our partial in house production. By increasing our in house manufacturing, we are able to show love for our Mother Earth and champion fair labor wages. 

At Sage the Label, we’re always finding inspiration and renewing our creative spirits by reflecting on and growing from our past. Through one of our most beloved passion projects, we realized that as a brand, we must take a more active role in our production. In doing so, we have taken methods to implement a design initiative based on a cut to order model. Designing more consciously and with intent allows us to prioritize quality and sustainability to our customers. As part of this conscious design process, we will source deadstock fabric and bring new life to vintage and unused fabrics that would otherwise unnecessarily go to waste.


Social Responsibility


At Sage the Label, a core principle of our mission statement is to do all things intentionally. As we are constantly learning and evolving, we realize that we have reached a tipping point. No longer can we sit by and be complacent in our actions; we must act and react purposefully. To be unaware is no longer an excuse, and we all share the moral obligation to be actively examining and confronting the media we consume.

In order to truly grow, we must be able to acknowledge and discuss the uncomfortable things. This includes the ways in which we, ourselves, have fallen short of our moral obligation to do more and effect change. We are ashamed of and apologize for our passivity in taking steps to promote anti-racism within our own company, but we are motivated and committed to making a change. As we continue to examine and scrutinize from within, we will work hard to self-reflect and actively implement changes. We feel that every voice deserves to be heard, and we are committed to the following:


→ Diversify our community.
We will prioritize hiring those who are underrepresented and people of color.


→ Audit our communications and marketing content.
We will routinely investigate all of our digital media and content to ensure that our language is inclusive, sensitive, and respectful to all. 


→ Prioritize sensitivity training.
We will do everything in our power and resources to create a hospitable and all inclusive workplace. Part of this includes the breaking down of racial and cultural barriers. We will implement a mandatory training that supports and celebrates all voices.



While there is so much more we can do collectively, we hope that we can continue to add to this list together. We hope to learn and seek more resources to better ourselves and promote anti-racism, and our biggest regret would be to not take advantage of our mistakes and learn from them. Right now is the time to put in the work together to eradicate institutionalized racism.