"Working From Home"

Working from home–while deeply rewarding–is still a delicate balancing act. Here are a few tips from my own experience to make sure you set yourself up for success.

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"Who is Kamala Harris?"

The upcoming Presidential Election, a crucial one, is coming up quick, and I need to know how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to carry us through such a...

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"Quarantine Movies"

Movies don’t have to be great for me to love them. In fact, I prefer them to be a little stupid, a little vapid or a little too self-indulgent (I...

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"The Social Distance Project"

So many people tell me this is the prime of my life. But I can’t help but wonder “this can’t be it, right?”. Quarantining is hard in your twenties. Like...

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"Why You Should Wear A Mask"

Somehow, throughout the pandemic and in the midst of all the I-can’t-believe-this-is-real moments of 2020, a small piece of fabric on your face has become a catalyst for deep political...

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