Welcome to Sage the Label

Hello, what’s your name? 

My name is Sinae and I am the owner of Sage the Label.

Writing this is a little bit of a risk. Yes, I own it, but sometimes, when I'm alone in my own thoughts, I wonder if I'm cool enough for her. But I'm doing it anyway because the whole point of Sage the Label is
to inspire
to uplift other women, and
to be fearless.

So here I am. Not letting that incessant voice of insecurity hold me back from showing up. How else would I have had the balls to start it all? When we launched Sage the Label, I had no background in fashion, not even a stint in retail. I quit my corporate job, got rid of nearly everything I owned, and moved to California. 29, not a care in the world, my ride-or-die next to me and a little version of me+partner on her way.  Growing a small business was (and is) tough, and I had to focus on what I had. My family, inspiration, amazing people around me and a tireless work ethic. Now, I also have you. And faced with some of the most difficult and unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, I feel our connection to you is everything.  

Welcome to sagethelabel.com. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You are our Sage muse and you can be certain that we’ll be doing our best to bring you content and product that elevate your life to the best version it can be. 

With so much love and gratitude,
P.S. I named Sage the Label after my daughter.
She recently turned four and is fearless, fashionable, and keeps me really honest.

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