"Sweaters, Socks, and Sweats Rule All"

If there’s anything I will say with absolute conviction, it’s that style should always be, first and foremost, a personal expression for no one but yourself.

Much of our interiority can be communicated through the obvious yet discreet choices that dictate our personal styles, but what happens to this choice when we’re stuck to the confines of our homes? This choice becomes increasingly abstract as I sit here and write in the same tee shirt and sweatpants I realize I’ve been wearing all week. 

My point is don’t allow this lockdown to lockdown our closets.

Let’s take advantage of the fact that social dressing conventions are no longer relevant, even though they should have never mattered. We can still take ownership of our choices to self express, but it’s a matter of pivoting. We’re living during a time where the notion of “getting dressed” implies throwing on a sweater to protect against the cold, uninviting chill of the Whole Foods refrigerated aisle. 

I’ve come to learn that it’s all about balance. The key is balancing your priorities between feeling good and looking good. You can still rock your tee shirt and week old sweats, while actively making choices to look good. I’ve even gone as far to make an attempt at dressing up my sweatpants by pairing them with my cowboy boots. 

Even long before the quarantine, I had been a lifelong fan of the sweatshirt/hoodie variety. Ask anyone who knows me well, and they’ll confirm that I’m usually cozying it up in an old college crewneck. Since I’ve had more free time on my hands, the desire to make things with my hands is strong. I suggest taking an old hoodie or sweatshirt and adding some personal embroidery! In my opinion, you don’t have to be a professional to make your sweatshirts extra cute with little, DIY details. 
At my house, we have always had a strict “no shoes indoors” policy, and with CoronaVirus, this policy has become even more essential. Predictably, slippers have become my best friend, since I can’t be bothered to wear real shoes with real laces. I’ve been having a ton of fun accessorizing my loungewear by rocking calf-length socks with my sky blue crocs (worn unironically of course). The thing I love about slippers is that you can have the best of both worlds-- to have comfort without compromising on looking good!
Here are my ideal slippers:

Zurich Suede Leather Softbed Birkenstock

Sweaters/Any Suitable Lounge Pant-
Through countless experiments of trial and error, I have discovered that the key component in the golden ratio of quarantine dressing is in the pants. If you’re wearing pants that can transition seamlessly from the couch to the grocery aisles, then you’re already halfway to achieving the perfect balance. When looking for the ideal pair of lounge pants, I stick to the following criteria: Can I wear them sitting on the couch at home? Can I wear them running errands around town? Do these pants satisfy all my needs to look cool and feel good? 

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