"My Guide to Living Eco-Consciously"

I’ve thought about the simple ways in which we can easily reduce our own footprint from our personal homes: Home basics that I believe are relevant/accessible. Simply declutter the small, personal things and instead prioritize the big, sustainable decisions that we have to make as a nation and world.

“Although our purchases feed up into the larger unsustainable system, individual choices not only reduce carbon emissions per capita but also pressure industries to innovate towards sustainability.” - Deanna Pratt

“It reduces the amount of food and garden waste thrown away, which in turn reduces the amount of methane greenhouse gas, but it’s also a crucial part of the nitrogen cycle. Our plants need nitrogen-rich soil to grow fully, and build protein, so soil from a compost heap will add to the natural nitrogen cycle by returning enriched soil to the ground. This also means you’ll need fewer artificial chemical fertilisers to feed your plants with, resulting in much healthier produce.” Our personal choices will, on its own like a cute little domino effect, tackle 5 other things naturally. Everyone loves efficiency.






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