“I Wish My Daydreams Were Real”

Amidst the ongoing uncertainty and chaos, I have noticed a significant change in myself. While I normally gravitate towards comfort and minimalism in my outfit choices, I’m uncharacteristically wistful for romantic and demure dresses. Actually, this makes perfect sense when you think about how the majority of people all over the world are limited to what they would normally wear in the comfort of their homes. I, for one, am sick of wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt all the time. 


When I close my eyes, I feel the warmth of the sun enveloping me, as I lay in a bed of grass, wearing the same dress Kristen Dunst had on in The Virgin Suicides. This daydream has been on a loop in my mind for the past few weeks. As I’ve mentioned before, when you look good, you feel good. While this expression is a bit reductionist, I do feel that a lot can be communicated through what you wear. During this quarantine, I’ve learned just how important it is to feel confident about yourself. After being stuck in months of drab, I want the extravagance and romance of flowing dresses and ruffle blouses. I want to swap the elasticated sweatpants I have been wearing for the past three weeks and their subsequent dreariness for mid length peasant dresses and dreamier times. I’m aware that what we’re wearing right now is extremely trivial in the scheme of Covid-19, but I think we can all stand to gain a few more confidence points! 


Here are my picks for when I can finally lie in that field of grass,
wearing my beautiful dress, and trying my hardest to be cinematic!


With love,

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