"A Closer Look: Perpetual Bloom"

Wearing the Celine Blouse

Perpetual Bloom is the state of eternal growth and boundless creativity. Inspired by Monet’s Garden, a garden curated through the eyes of an artist, we designed Perpetual Bloom to live as this created space, an existence that transcends everyday limitations.
Styling with seasonal flowers + the Hazel Long Sleeve

Perpetual Bloom represents pure, unrestrained creativity, this collection is an homage to Monet’s heightened perceptual sensitivity and sharpened powers of observation. Just as Monet’s flowers were free to grow wildly and naturally, Sage the Label strives to eradicate boundaries--both internally and externally.
Courtesy of Claude Monet's Waterlilies Series

The way you communicate your interiority should have no boundaries. Composed with soft pastels and dreamy silhouettes, Perpetual Bloom features garden inspired prints and fabrics that evoke the suggestive blending of a Monet landscape. The picturesque collection celebrates the romance of prolific creativity. Just as nothing in Monet’s Garden was stagnant, we have designed pieces that would flow and move freely on the body, symbolizing Monet’s own fluidity.
Wearing the Le Cascate Set (Left) + Ocean Lover Tank (Right)

While serious issues and devastating news might always be rife in our world, the concept of growth and change are important now more than ever. For true growth, the key is not to rely on any permanent ideal, rather to perceive the beauty in the process. This permanent ideal cannot exist because change is indefinite. We must be able to reflect from within and observe around us. 

Live in Perpetual Bloom.

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